Should You Buy Old Or New 1oz Gold Britannia Coin?

For many coin collectors, 1oz gold Britannia coin happens to be the must-have British coin. In fact, almost every eminent coin collector has added it in their portfolio. So, if you are also thinking of adding one to your collection, then you definitely made the right decision. However, if you are reading this, then surely you have encountered you very first problem.

Old Vs New

Even though they are now available in both silver and platinum, they were first made with gold only. The first 1 oz Britannia gold coin was produced by the reputable Royal Mint in the year 1987. As they happen to be made with pure gold, since that time only they acted as a wise investment choice.

However, from 2013, Royal Mint decided to produce 1 oz Britannia gold coin again but with a major difference. Thus, comes the problem – should you considered buying the older or the newer version.

Value and Appearance of the gold coin

Currently, the face value of one Troy ounce of gold Britannia coin happens to be 100 pounds each. The reverse side of this coin hold the imprint of Lady Britannia holding a shield and olive branch in one hand and a trident in another. While the front part of 1oz gold Britannia coin has a classic picture of the great Queen Elizabeth the second. The coin is actually available in different variety of editions. It is recognized globally, and so this asset can be liquidities quite easily. For investors and collectors, this coin is a great addition to their collection because of its absolute tax advantages. In UK, both older and newer gold coin are legal tender, meaning you do not have to pay capital gain tax and VAT charges.

Old and New 1oz gold Britannia coins

This type of coin does not require you to worry about dealing with historical premium or a rarity value. This is because most editions are available quite easily even today. In fact, due to ample supply, the recent issue year coins happen to be the cheapest to buy.

However, if you are searching for a particular year which is rear or unavailable in plenty, then only you have to pay a premium due to the scarcity. Older coins tend to rise in value more quickly than the newer issued ones. So, if you buy a coin with new issue date and hold on to it for an extensive number of years, then even your cheap gold coin can increase in value in due time.

Any coins that is produced before 2013 is considered as old. Before this year, the coins happen to be made with 22-carat gold. So, it had some other metal mixed in it to increase the durability of the coin. Thus, if your sole purpose is collecting, then going for older coin will be a good move. 1oz gold Britannia coins produced since 2013, are 24-carat and are made from investment grade 99.99% gold bullion. So, if you are looking to buy the coins for investment purpose then you can go for the newer coins.

So, to conclude it is safe to say that no matter what the purpose for buying this particular type of gold coin may be, you can go for both the old and the new version.