Doctor Richmond Services

You are shopping for a new doctor in Richmond and are wondering what questions you should ask in order to determine whether or not they can give you the necessary medical care. Choosing a Richmond doctor is not as easy as it sounds. To help you we have compiled a list questions that you can ask any doctors that you have in mind:

How long have you been a doctor?

This one tells you whether or not he has the experience required to diagnose illness and dispense treatment. You do not want to be treated by a doctor who is fresh out of medical school – they are still learning and you don’t want to be their guinea pig.

Can you treat my particular condition?

If you have a chronic illness you need to find the best Richmond specialist to treat you. Find out whether they are able to treat your particular symptoms and what outcome you can expect. Ask them to tell you what treatments will involve and whether you have options.

Do you accept my insurance company?

This, of course, is only if you have a medical cover. There are some doctors who don’t work with certain insurance companies. If they don’t accept your cover they may be no good for you.

Can you see me in case of an emergency?

A doctor who works from 9 to 5 is no good if you have a medical emergency. Good private GPs in Richmond avail themselves when you need them most and if they are not available they are able to direct you to another facility that can handle your emergency.

One Richmond clinic that has doctors who are highly qualified and who can answer all your questions to your satisfaction is Roseneath Medical Practice. They can handle all sorts of medical conditions and they are available when you need them.